tri colored clay poker chips

Tri color poker chips - 3 Tone chips

Chips come in 3 different color categories: Solid color chips, 2 tone and Tri color poker chips. How many colors each single chip has does not really matter and it is purley a personal preference. For some people solid color works best, some like 2 tone and some just love the tri color poker chips. When a chip is tri color it means that it has 3 individual colors per chip. That does not mean that the chip is only available in 3 colors but rather than a single chip will have 3 separate unique colors in it. For example a blue chip of the Texas Hold'em no metal insert tri color chip would have blue, yellow and white in it and a blue chip of the Texas Hold'em no metal insert 2 tone chip would only have blue and white in it. So as you can see the difference in 1 extra color per chip. The tri color chips are generally more expensive than 2 tone chips due to the fact that different moldings with more colors has to be used to manufactur them. For those that do not wich to spend so much money on chips for home games 2 tone or single color chips are recommended which are cheap poker chips as far as the price is concerned.

Some Tri color designs are:
    Ace King Suited Tri color 11.5 gram poker chips (no metal insert)
    Ace King 3-Tone 11.5 gram chips
    Dice Style B tri color 11.5 gram chips
    Diamond Suited 3-tone 11.gram chips
    Texas Hold'em Clay Tri Color 11.5 gram chips (No metal insert)
    12 Stripe Clay 11.5 gram clay 11.5 gram chips
    12 Stripe Clay 14 gram clay chips

Of course having a tri color chip does not make you a poker champion and will not feature you on World Series Of Poker tour if your game isn't good enough so studying up on poker rules, poker odds, poker hands, and other poker related items is suggested. There are many gambling books and poker dvd & videos available in this are.


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Early Position: A position on a round of betting in which you must act before most of
the other players.
Even Money: A wager in which you hope to win the same amount as you bet.

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