Middle Limit Holdem Poker - Book by Bob Ciaffone and Jim Brier

Middle Limit Holdem Poker - Book by Bob Ciaffone and Jim Brier
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As we proceed into the 21st century, holdem has taken over as the most popular type of poker in America. Being proficient at this intricate poker form assures one of both the pleasure of playing the game properly and the profit that comes with being a big winner.

This book is written for someone who has reached the level of a person who already knows how to play holdem and wants to play it better. There is a large strategy difference in how to play holdem in low-stakes or casual play and how to play it at mid-level stakes in a public cardroom or on the Internet.

Welcome this chance to improve your arsenal of poker weapons. See how many other people are going to be playing the game in the light of the huge amount of additional information in this book.

There have been other books on limit holdem, but none with the degree of emphasis on practical examples taken here. The authors feel that to learn a subject, you not only need an explanation of the theory, but also a lot of specific situations to see how ideas are executed in actual play. Accordingly, their book contains over 400 hands, most taken from real games, where the reader is given a poker problem. Every phase in a hand's development has both a detailed explanation of the key ideas and a set of problems where the reader can see which ideas are most applicable. Then a thorough analysis is given of how an expert professional player would approach each problem. This teaching system give the reader a much clearer idea what should be done than if a person is only given platitudes, then left to guess which ones are the most pertinent to each situation.

Middle Limit Holdem Poker will give you all the poker skills needed to master holdem-- and get the money.

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