14 gram clay poker chips

Heavy clay poker chips

Other than the 7.5 gram and 11.5 gram poker chips there are some 14 gram heavy clay poker chips. The most popular design is the 12 stripe tri color clay 14 gram poker chips design which has a metal insert. This design is comparable to european poker chips and has a distinctive look and feel. The normal weight for home poker games is 11.5 gram but if you wanted to have somehting heavier then you could go with the 14 gram heavy clay poker chips. They are generally made of clay which is the highest quality casino chip you can find for home games. One particular design is the 3 tone, tri-color, 12 strip design. Tri color chips would have 3 colors per chip versus the 2 tone chips which have only 2 colors per chip. Some of the other designs available are Ace King Suited chip, ace king Tri color chip, Diamond Suited 3 tone poker chips, Dice Style B tri color chips and Texas Hold'em chips. 14 gram chips would have the same width and dimensions as the 11.5 gram chips and would just feel and sound better when splashed in the pot. Some also consider them a higher quality chip than the other types.


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Poker definitions Poker rules - poker strategy

Dead Card: A card no longer legally playable.
Dead Hand: A hand no longer legally playable, due to some irregularity.
Dead Money: Money put into the pot by players who have already folded.
Dealer's Choice: A game in which each dealer, in turn, chooses the type of poker to be
Deuce: A two, the lowest ranking card in high poker.
Door Card: In Seven-Card Stud, the first exposed card in a player's hand.
Double Belly Buster: A hand with two inside straight draws.
Double Through: Going all-in against an opponent in order to double your stack if you
win the hand.
Down Cards: Hole cards.
Down To The Felt: A player who has lost most of his chips.
Draw Lowball: A form of poker in which the lowest hand wins.
Draw Out: To improve your hand so that it beats an opponent who had a better hand
than yours prior to your draw.
Draw Poker: A form of poker in which each player receives five cards and then has the
option of discarding one or more of them and receiving new cards in their place.
Drawing Dead: Drawing to a hand that cannot possibly win.
Driver's Seat: The player who is making all the betting and thus appears to hold the
strongest hand is said to be in the driver's seat.
Drop: To fold.


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