Custom Poker Chips

At, we have custom poker chips for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a great personalized gift, a unique way to market your business or you'd just like to have your own unique set of custom made poker chips, we have a custom poker chip option that is just right for you. We can customize poker chips with anything from simple initials and chip denominations to custom logos and designs, and we can do all this in less time and for less money than you would expect. For more information on custom printed poker chips please review our 4 custom chip options and custom poker chips FAQ below.




Make your own personal poker chip set. You can order custom poker chips with any name or design that you want. The possiblities are endless with this option and will produce a custom casino chip for you that is unique and stands out. Personalized poker chips also make great gift for any occasion such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations etc. .

Simply call us at 800-792-7872 to discuss this option. Complete turn-around time for custom poker chips is maximum 2 weeks delivered for most orders. You can either email us your custom design or we can create the design for you at no additional charge.

You may also order personalized poker chips with just initials and or dollar denominations and turn-around time for that is usually 1-2 business day.


We use a hot stamping process for personalizing the chips. With hot stamping, your design, initials, or logo is permanently stamped on the chips and the design will not fade away or rub off. We can hot stamp your chips with different colors of foil. Gold foil is the most popular, but we also offer silver, white, red, blue, black, and holographic foil. Some foil colors may cost extra so please ask.

Call 800-792-7872 for more information.

Custom Poker Chips Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do custom poker chips cost?
A: Hot stamping costs 7¢ per chip to hot stamp one side, 12¢ per chip to hot stamp both sides with the same thing, or 14¢ per chip to hot stamp both sides with each side being something different.

Initials and/or denominations have no setup fee. Custom graphics, logos, and text longer than 3 characters have a one-time $75 setup charge. All prices listed are in addition to the price of the poker chips

Q: Is there a minimum order for custom poker chips?
A: Yes, there is a 300 chip minimum for custom orders and you can specify each chip color in quantities of 50.

Q: Which poker chips can you customize?
A: We can currently customize any of our ABS composite poker chips. Please click on thecomposite poker chipscategory to view the hot stampable designs.

Q: What is the turnaround time for custom poker chips?
A: Custom poker chips stamped with initials or denominations ship in up to 1 week. Custom poker chips stamped with custom designs ship in 1-2 weeks. Large holiday volume may push shipment dates back by a few days. Rush options are available.

Q: What if I need custom poker chips faster than your standard turnaround time?
A: We have two rush options for custom poker chips, one for initials and denominations and another for custom designs.
  • Initials and denominations:$50 rush option cuts turnaround time for initials and denominations to 1-2 business days.
  • Custom designs:$80 rush option cuts turnaround time for custom designs to 4-5 business days.

    Q: How do I order custom poker chips?
    A: We have several options for creating custom poker chips.
  • For hot stamping initials or denominations onto loose poker chipssimply click on one of the chips above, click on the quantity of custom poker chips you want, and then fill out the personalization options on the item page.
  • For hot stamping initials or denominations onto poker chip sets, selectOption 1above, choose the poker chip set you want, and then fill out the personalization options on the item page.
  • For hot stamping pre-designed template logos onto poker chip sets, selectOption 2above, select the poker chip you want, and then fill out the personalization options on the item page.
  • For hot stamping custom designed logosonto loose poker chips or poker chip sets, call 1-800-792-7872 to speak with a customer service representative and place your custom order.

    Q: Will I get a proof for my custom poker chips?
    A: A digital proof will be provided for custom design orders (option 3). Orders placed for initials/denominations (option 1) or logos using pre-designed templates (option 2) do not have proofs provided.

    Q: What is your return policy for custom poker chips?
    A: Because of the personalized nature of custom poker chips, once the chips are customized they cannot be returned. No exceptions.

    Q: If I want to re-order custom poker chips with a design I've already paid to have created with you, do I have to pay the $75 setup fee again?
    A: No. Custom hot stamp dies only need to be created once. We keep and catalogue all of our hot stamp dies so if you order custom poker chips with a custom design, any future orders you place with that same design are treated exactly like orders for initials and denominations, with no setup fee and a shorter turnaround time. Hot stamp dies cannot be altered once they've been created, though, so any change to a design necessitates that a new die to be created.

    Q: Can I send you my existing poker chips for you to hot stamp?
    A: Only chips in our warehouse can be hot stamped. No outside chips will be accepted.

    Q: Is the customization permanent?
    A: Yes. Hot stamping is an industrial process that permanently transfers a colored foil to the poker chips. The finished product looks similar to gold or silver embossing and the design will not wear off under normal playing conditions.

    Q: Is there somewhere I can view the different fonts and foil colors available for hot stamping initials?
    A: The fonts and foil colors can be viewed by clicking the following link:Custom Poker Chips Print Options

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