Clay Poker Chips

Clay poker chips, or correctly put, clay composite poker chips, are the most sought after chips on the market. Most Texas Hold'em poker players prefer playing with chips that feel and sound like authentic Las Vegas casino chips. To set the record straight, there is really no such thing as a pure clay poker chip due to the fragile nature of pure clay. Pure clay poker chips will not last long and water and handling during the course of a game can easily damage the chips. To make them more durable, all clay poker chips are mixed with another material, hence the name “clay composite.” But clay composite poker chips are commonly referred to as just “clay” or “real clay.”

We carry a variety of real clay poker chips: The lower priced 11.5 gram chips with no metal insert offer the feel and sound of true casino chips at a fraction of the cost of the more expensive alternatives. These chips can be stacked high without the fear of chips toppling and are perfectly acceptable to majority of poker players. As a matter of fact, similar chips are used by casinos around the country for tournament play.

Our 14 gram clay poker chips are the heaviest on the market and combine the feel of authentic casino chips with the attractive European 12-stripe tri-color design. These chips are one of our best sellers and are cully customizable with hot stamping.

Our more expensive line of 10 gram clay poker chips are the closest you can get to actual Las Vegas casino chips without paying an incredibly high price. These chips look, feel, sound, and stack as well as any real casino chip and are comparable to similar chips made by Paulson or Chipco at well less than half the price. If you would like to try these chips before committing to a set, you can order sample sets with free shipping. Just type “sample” in the search box above to see the choices. About clay poker chips
Crown Wheatear clay no metal insert poker chips - 11.5 gram
Clay no metal insert 11.5 gram poker chips
14 Gram Clay Poker Chips: 12 Stripe Tri Color Chips
Clay 14 gram poker chips in the 12 Stripe tri color design
Clay No Metal Insert 10 gram Casino Pyramids Poker Chips
10 gram no metal insert clay casino poker chips by Pyramids Casino - Egyptian Theme chips
Da Vinci 10 gram Clay Casino Poker Chips
Clay poker chips with no metal insert - Casino Da Vinci