Casino Poker Chips

Casino poker chips, also known as casino tokens or cheques, are typically made of a composite of clay with other material such as plastics. Some casinos use ceramic poker chips and most poker rooms use clay composite chips for their Texas Hold'em tournaments. Most casino chips weigh 10 grams but the chips used on roulette tables are typically lighter weight and can weigh anywhere from 7-10 grams each.

The quality standard to which most other home casino poker chips are compared to has been set by Paulson, the American manufacturere and supplier to casinos worldwide. Paulson offers a line of casino quality poker chips geared for the home market. is proud to offer chips made by Paulson, as well as other high quality chips such as Casino Da Vinci and Pyramids Casino that are every bit as good as Paulson chips at less half the price.
Pyramids Casino 10 gram Clay Poker Chips
10 gram Clay poker chips with no metal insert. Pyramids Casino chips are avilable in 7 different denominations
Casino Da Vinci Authentic Casino Poker Chips
Casino Da Vinci Tri-Color 10 gram no metal insert casino poker chips