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Personalized poker chips

We offer several options for getting personalized poker chips here at To create custom poker chips we use an in-house process called hot stamping. Hot stamping is an industrial process that uses the right combination of heat and pressure to transfer a colored foil onto the poker chips. Hot stamping is a very versatile transfer process and can be used to create custom poker chips with a variety of different options. Here at, we have 3 major categories of poker chip customization. The first is custom poker chips with initials.

Custom poker chips with initials

When you order personalized poker chips from, you can have up to 3 initials printed on your poker chips quickly and inexpensively. Because we have all the necessary equipment in-house to print up to 3 characters, we are able to offer this customization option with no additional setup fee. We have 5 attractive fonts to choose from and you can choose any combination of 3 letters. While most people get custom poker chips hot stamped on both sides, we also offer single-sided hot stamping options for our budget-minded customers. Personalized poker chips with initials offer a great value as you get a top quality personal feel as well as an added layer of security. With custom poker chips, other players cannot sneak in their own poker chips to your poker game. Personalized poker chips with initials make great groomsmen gifts. Custom poker chips with initials have up to a one week turnaround time.

Custom poker chips with denominations

At, we also offer poker chip denominations as a hot stamping option. We carry poker chip denomiations from 10 cents all the way up to $10,000. Just like for initials, we carry everything we need to hot stamp poker chips with denominations in-house, so there is no additional setup fee for poker chip denominations. Custom poker chips with denominations have up to a one week turnaround time.

Custom poker chips with custom designs

For the ultimate in custom poker chips we can hot stamp your poker chips with a custom design of your choosing. From company logos to family crests, we can hot stamp just about anything onto poker chips. Nothing sets your poker chips apart from the masses like having your own custom designed casino name and logo printed onto your poker chips. To order custom poker chips with a custom design, simply call us at 1-800-792-7872. We'll take your order and give you instructions for how to submit your artwork. If you do not have camera ready artwork, our professional design staff will be happy to do the design work for you. For more information on getting custom poker chips with custom designs give us a call at 1-800-792-7872.
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